The management at its meeting of 9th December, 2014 approved the establishment of Academic planning Directorate. Below are the philosophy, objectives, the structure of the Directorate and their functions.


In line with vision and mission of the College, the Directorate is to enhance efficiency in the teaching, learning and research and to coordinate academic activities and programmes of the College.

  • To provide timely and accurate information to the College for planning and management decision making.
  • To ensure provision of conducive teaching, learning and research environment for staff and students.
  • To ensure availability and effective utilization of Academic resources.
  • To ensure adequate compliance of the College with NCCE minimum standards.
  • To ensure College administer key researches into areas of needs.
  • To ensure College conforms to guidelines of other programs in liaison with relevant supervisory agencies.

The complete structure of the Directorate of Academic planning are as follows.

  1. Director
  2. Deputy Director
  3. Head of Monitoring and Evaluation
  4. Head of Liaison
  5. Head of Planning and Statistics
  6. Head of Operation
  7. Head of Administration
  8. Confidential Secretary     To be deployed
  9. Clerical Officer                 To be deployed

 The following are the functions of the Directorate:

  1. Collect and analyse statistical data for the management use.
  2. Plan Academic Calendar, Lecture timetables for the Academic Board.
  3. Liaise with Director of works and Services for maintenance of faulty resource materials.
  4. Advise on all issues of Accreditation, affiliation and collaboration.
  5. Prepare yearly annual reports.
  6. Liaise with Desk Officer and units on issues of Tetfund

 as required by its Board.

  • Liaise with Quality Assurance Unit to analyse results of course evaluation by students.
  • Handle all issues of Curricular Review in Liaison with various schools.
  • Coordinate Research activities in liaison with Research and Publications Committee.
  • Undertake other related or special roles assigned to it by the Provost/ Deputy Provost.

The schedule of duty of the Director include:

  1. Be in constant consultation with the provost and/ or the Deputy over academic matters.
  2. Supervise the process of Examination in all courses in the College using NCCE guideline on Academic Programme.
  3. Supervise moderation of Examination questions and marked scripts.
  4.  Supervise the collection and compilation of results of all levels at the end of each semester/sessions.
  5. Supervise the presentation of collated and processed results to the Academic Board eight (8) weeks after the last paper.
  6. Report to the Deputy Provost in writing on the general conduct of each semester/sessional examination.
  7. Act as Chairman of Examination and Time Table Committee.
  8. Supervise the proposal for Academic Calendar of events and publishing  of same after ratification.
  9. Present memos to the Academic Board on new courses to be introduced for deliberation and possible ratification.
  10.  In addition, the Director is a member of:
  11. Academic Board
  12. Admission Committee.
  13. Perform any other related duty that may be assigned from time to time.

The Deputy Director of Academic planning shall:

  1. Assist the Director Academic planning in the performance of his functions.
  2. Act in the place of the Director of Academic Planning when the post of the Director is Vacant or if the Director is for any reason, absent or unable to perform his functions as Director.
  3. Supervise Heads of Divisions of the Directorate.
  4. Perform such other functions as the Provost or the Director of Academic Planning may, from time to time, assign to him



The functions of the Head of Monitoring and Evaluation are as follows:

  1. Responsible to the Academic planning of the College.
  2. Responsible for promotion of the quality of teaching and learning research in the College through periodic evaluation of Academic activities in the College.
  3. Monitoring of Departments and advising on the academic growth of departments in various Schools of the College and advice the Provost through the Director on the matter.
  4. Monitoring students’ enrolment in relation to staff strength.
  5. Monitor the efficient and effective utilization of Academic resources.
  6. Carry out all other duties as may be assigned by the Director.

The duties of the Head of Liaison include:

  1. Responsible to the Director of Academic planning of the College.
  2. Coordinate and ensure compliance of academic and other units of the College with NCCE guidelines on academic and other matters.
  3. Guide Academic and related units of the College on the operations of the Academic Planning briefs and participate in the review of the academic planning and general Curriculum development as at when due.
  4. Liaise with National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE) on matters relating to Academic planning and other Academic matters that may  be of interest and Benefit to the College.

The Head of Planning and Statistics are saddled with the following responsibilities:

  1. Responsible to the Director Academic planning
  2. Generates and periodically update the College Data Bank/Statistics on Academic and other matters and make necessary projections for the attention of the provost through the Director.
  3. Generate policies for and identify priorities in the Academic development of the College for the consideration of the management.
  4. Maintain a computer based Data Bank on student and staff statistics for use in planning, budgeting and other Management requirements.
  5. Carry out all other duties assigned by the Director.

 The duties of the Head of Operations includes:

  1. Responsible to the Director Academic Planning of the College.
  2. Process proposals for the creation of new Academic Programmes.
  3. Coordinate and guide Academic units/Department for purposes of programme accreditation and continuous Quality Assurance.
  4. Coordinate and ensure the provision of conducive teaching and learning environment in the College.
  5. Participate in the review of Academic programme curricular of the College and evaluation of proposal for new Academic Programmes.
  6. Carry out all other duties assigned by the Director.

The Head of Administration of Academic Planning shall:

  1. Assist the Director in the day to day Administration of the Directorate
  2. Assist in supervising other Non-Teaching Staff of the Directorate.
  3. Serve as a link between the Directorate and the Registrar.
  4. Perform any other duty that may be assigned by the Director.