The difficulties associated with manual registration by students in the College led to the
introduction of online registration and latter the online sales of Application form for admission
into the College during 2008/2009 academic session.
The EDU-portal unit, headed by Chief BTY Aina latter metamorphosed to what is today
called Directorate of Computer Services and Information Technology (DICOMSIT), in 2016
headed by Dr. Olayiwola M.A. (FSTAN) as the Director.

The Directorate is saddled with the responsibility of managing and supervising college
information system ( MIS) and provide other services that are related as they affect students,
staff and the entire college community.
There are three units in the directorate with their basic services. These are:

  1. Portal Unit.
  2. Hardware services and Training Unit.
  3. Information Processing Unit.
    These units are headed by Mal. Rabiu Salmonu, Mr. Salau O. Wasiu and Mr. Ibrahim Zakariya respectively.


The Directorate is Coordinated by the Director Dr. M. A. Olayiwola, a Chief Lecturer, Academic Staff of the Chemistry Department, School of Secondary Education Science. He is supported by Mr. Rabiu Salmanu who doubles as the Head of Portal Unit and the other unit heads.

The directorate is provided with structured cabling or wireless access through installed access points to the length and breadth of the college.
The strength of the wireless signals is further enhanced using an antenna which is installed on the campus.
The Internet facilities were deployed using fibre optics through our provider (MTN), with a bandwidth for internet access to the entire college community. A state of the arts technology that is better than VSAT network bandwidth.
The directorate collaborates with the National Education Verification service (NEVS ) in students data collection verification and sharing. You can visit / contact us via: OR