College Health Care

The Director-Mr. Rabiu Audu

College Medical Centre CMC Organogram

College Health Care Units

Medical Officer Unit

Schedule of Duties

  1. Responsible t the Provost and Management
  2. Heading the Clinic
  3. Attending to the Medical needs of staff and students in the college clinic that is above the nursing and community Officers ability.
  4. Taking charge of the clinic of the college
  5. Initiating the review of health policies and programmes.
  6. Coordinating the training programmes of staff
  7. Responsible for the day to day health services of the College.
  8. Advising on new policies on healthcare Performing any other related that may be assigned from time to time.

Nursing Unit

Schedule of Duties

  1. Responsible to the Medical Director
  2. Preparing financial estimates for the unit
  3. Participating in the formulation of policies on nursing matters.
  4. Taking charge of a section in the college clinic
  5. Coordinating the activities of a number of unit
  6. Advising on general nursing matters
  7. Participating in the formulation of general nursing policies
  8. Relating with appropriate authorities on nursing service aspect of primary health care
  9.  Taking charge of a division
  10. Keeping abreast of developments in nursing services management on National and international levels/disseminating the information.
  11. Providing consultation services on safe and good quality nursing care
  12. Leasing with National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives and the Ministry of health on relevant matters.
  13. Taking part in working out training programmes of student  nurses
  14. Taking charge of the general administration of the department
  15. Advising the college on the formulation, execution and review of nursing matters
  16. Attending college medical committee meetings
  17. Supervising staff and developing individual nursing care plans based upon nursing diagnosis.
  18. Collecting and distributing database of psychological, emotional, sociological, cultural, psychological and spiritual needs from available resources.
  19.  Identifying and documenting changes in health status which interferes with the client’s ability to meet his basic needs
  20. Establishing nursing diagnosis based on client’s needs, identifying needs and establishing priorities for nursing
  21. Carrying out individualized plans of care in conjunction with other nursing staff
  22. Monitoring and evaluating nursing care delivery within a specialty e.g Midwifery, public health nursing changes.
  23.  Identifying alternate methods of meeting client’s needs, modifying plans of care if necessary and documenting changes.
  24. Assisting in research activities in the unit.
  25.  Assessing and setting nurse care priorities for individual and group of clients
  26. Assessing health status, potentials, plans implements and evaluating nursing care of individual, families and community.
  27.  Liaising with the training schools in respect to student nurses deploy for clinical experience.
  28. Ensuring availability and proper use of equipment, instruments, supervising and ensuring proper record keeping
  29. Diagnosing and treating minor ailments to while referring major cases to the Medical Director.
  30. Setting up intravenous infusion, suturing of lacerations and wounds incision of superficial abscesses.
  31. Managing patient/ client care, counseling and giving psychotherapy.
  32. Carrying out routine nursing activities and evaluating research finding for applicability to nursing action.
  33. Performing general nursing duties.
  34. Performing any other related duty that may be assigned from time to time.
Pharmacist Unit

Scheduled of Duties

  1. Responsibilities to the Medical Doctor
  2. Taking charge of staff of the Unit
  3. Making inputs in the Unit’s budget
  4. Carrying out inspection duties as provided for under the poisons and Pharmacist’s act and other operational legislation.
  5. Dispensing prescription to patients, counseling and keeping the prescription records as required by law.
  6. Maintaining stores and keeping relevant store records.
  7. Counseling patients on proper drug usage.
  8. Dispatching mails.
  9. Cleaning the office.
  10. Performing any other related duty that may be assigned from time to time.

Medical Lab Scientist Unit

Scheduled of duties

  1. Responsible to the Medical Director
  2. Budgeting and ordering laboratory equipment’s and reagents
  3. Co-operating with WHO and other international and national organizations in the study of new methods and techniques for use in medical laboratory.
  4. Depending medico-legal cases arising from laboratory results in courts e.g paternity, cases of suspected rape among others.
  5. Taking charge of general administration of the medical laboratory services department.
  6. Supervising staff of the unit.
  7.  Performing on rotational basis, simple diagnostic test in the areas of Medical Microbiology, Virology, Histopathology, Parasitology, Hematology and Blood group serology.
  8. Participating in the training of lower cadre, laboratory assistant and Medical laboratory technicians.
  9.  Caring and breeding laboratory animals.
  10. Carrying out routine diagnostic tests in various disciplines such as Exfoliative cytology, renal function , characterization of microbial isolates, cross-matching and compatibility tests blood for transfusion.
  11. Assisting in documentation and preparation of periodic reports for supervising officer.
  12. Assisting in basic research, analytical and experimental studies such as assigned by supervising officer.
  13.  Indenting for stores and medical equipment for medical store.
  14.  Producing special media for vaccines and diagnostic work.
  15.  Carrying out more advance diagnostic and prognostic tests.
  16.  Carrying out specialized medico-legal tests such as paternity dispute.
  17.  Training of laboratory personnel.
  18. Attending medical meeting.
  19. Dispatching of mails.
  20. Cleaning of the office.
  21. Performing any other related duty that may be assigned from time to time.
Medical Records Technician Unit

Schedule of Duties

  1. Responsible to the Medical Director
  2. Take charge of the Unit.
  3. Supervise staff of the Unit.
  4. Arrangement of the medical records.
  5. Organizing, classifying and taking custody of medical records.
  6. Creation, storage and retrieval of patient’s records.
  7. Producing an enlarge record of all the social, demographic, occupational and other medically related factors concerning the patients normal environment and past medical problems.
  8. Initiating medical records system and selecting best procedure applicable to medical records, statistics, disease, coding and classification.
  9. Training junior staff.
  10. Taking charge of Medical records in the College clinic.
  11. Assisting in formulating policies on medical records/ statistics.
  12. Dispatching mails.
  13. Cleaning the office.
  14. Performing any other related duty that may be assigned from time to time.
Administrative Office

Scheduled of Duties

  1. Responsible to the Registrar
  2. Advise the Director on administrative matters of the college clinic
  3. Liaise between the hospital and the Registry
  4. Serves as the Secretary of the hospital
  5. Receiving and processing mails of the hospital
  6. Filling and retrieving mail of the hospital.
  7. Keeping proper records of staff of the hospital.
  8. Keeping proper records of students of the hospital
  9. Type setting documents for the hospital.
  10. Supervising subordinate staff of the unit.
  11. Training staff on the job.
  12. Processing files.
  13. Responding the official minute’s files.
  14. Supervise Secretaries of departments of the hospital.
  15. Take care of laboratories of the hospital.
  16. Taking care of electronics and equipment’s of the hospital.
  17. Ensure the cleanliness of the hospital.
  18. Photocopying documents.
  19. Dispatching mails.
  20. Cleaning the office.
  21. Perform any other related duty that may be assigned from time to time.